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Our company is ready to launch an exceptional global network and we are looking to work with top notch international distributors who will uphold our core values and provide great service to customers all over the world. We are inviting local and international dealers to do great business together and introduce, a quality and well known brand, to international and nationwide customers. has a genuinely strong costumer appeal and we are constantly working to develop even closer relationship with our clients. Briefly about Television network is a flexible solution possible anywhere with a connection to the internet. is an Anywhere, Anytime and Any Device platform that gives our clients a unique opportunity to watch television in their native language regardless of their geographical location, time, or weather conditions. is a revolutional approach to entertainment, for it gives our customers value, and control. Besides, our product is portable, features innovative technology, mighty function and has a stylish appearance. has picture quality that is superior to all competitors, and features a large selection of channels including news, movies, sports, comedies, music and more, much more. We are constantly growing and adding new interesting channels for our clients. More detailed information is available on our website Goals of our partners
Dealers are responsible for signing up clients. delivers television programming to households and businesses via a broadband connection and requires a subscription to an IPTV service provider and STB (Set-Top-Box). With some installation experience and electronic training, our dealers can offer installation services at the customer’s residence, which is an additional source of revenue.

We are directly interested in the sales growth; therefore, we treat businesses of our partners as our own and we offer following support. We help to personalize marketing strategy so dealers can more easily make sales to particular clients through conversation, database management, and customer input or software tools; therefore, providing our dealers with benefits that their competitors won’t have. We offer advertising brochures and other professional and well known materials, and technical support that finds, diagnoses, repairs, and explains services and equipment to customers over the phone, or we send a specialist to the customer’s residence. We offer technical training and overall education in marketing and customer care. Our support team works via phone, online Customer Service & Support Center, email, Facebook, or Twitter 24 hours 7 days a week. Our friendly and professional staff can also be reached toll free during business hours. We guarantee product quality and a first class after-sales service. Dynamic distributors’ pricing is updated regularly including special offers and promotions.


As practice indicates, full time and full force distribution will revenue several thousand euros, US dollars and British pounds monthly. Wholesale distribution increases revenues as well.

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If you are interested in partnership with us please send us the following information via email [email protected].
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Upon receiving your email, we will contact you with a detailed dealers pricing, current promotions, and contract provisions. is a strong, reliable, and profitable partner for you and your business.